Many Celebrities Found Success with a Change of Name

Play our quiz to see how many you know...

Which American Talk Show Host was originally called Larry Zeigler?
Which English Legendary Nudist was originally called Godgyfu?
Which American Silent Movie Genius was originally called Joseph Frank Keaton?
Which American Actor was originally called Jerome Silberman?
Which Austrian Musician was originally called Johann Hölzel?
Which American Comedian was originally called William Claude Dukenfield?
Which British Actor was originally called Krishna Pandit Bhanji?
Which Canadian Country Pop Singer was originally called Eilleen Regina Edwards?
Which American Movie Star was originally called Charles Carter?
Which Indiana Heavy Metal Guitarist was originally called Robert Alan Deal?
What was the original name of Monte Fresco the English Sports Photographer?
What was the original name of Paul Stanley the American Rock Guitarist?
What was the original name of James Last the German Composer?
What was the original name of Butch Cassidy the American Bank Robber?
What was the original name of Olivia Wilde the American Actress?
What was the original name of Mark Kermode the British Film Critic?
What was the original name of Bob Hope the English Born but American Comedian?
What was the original name of Brook Benton the American Singer Songwriter?
What was the original name of Elliott Gould the American Actor?
What was the original name of Oliver Hardy the American Comic Actor?

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