Many Celebrities Found Success with a Change of Name

Play our quiz to see how many you know...

Which English Comedian was originally called Charles Springall?
Which American Singer was originally called Margaret Battavio?
Which American Pop Singer was originally called Lugec Alfredo Giovanni Sacco?
Which American TV Actor was originally called Everett Gunnar Marshall?
Which American Golfer was originally called Eldrick Woods?
Which Cuba Boxer was originally called Elegio Sardinius-Montalbo?
Which American Rock Singer was originally called Joan Larkin?
Which American Singer Songwriter was originally called Prince Rogers Nelson?
Which American Actress was originally called Ella Geisman?
Which American Iconic Frontierswoman was originally called Martha Jane Canary?
What was the original name of Jonathan Meyers the Irish Actor and Model?
What was the original name of Fanny Brice the American Comedian?
What was the original name of Gary US Bonds the American Singer?
What was the original name of Nicole Scherzinger the Hawaiian Actor?
What was the original name of Lew Grade the Ukrainian English Impresario?
What was the original name of Elizabeth Arden the Canada Businesswoman?
What was the original name of Tiny Tim the American Singer?
What was the original name of Alicia Keys the American Singer?
What was the original name of Bernadette Peters the American Actress and Author?
What was the original name of Stan Lee the American Writer?

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